As well as all the big targets and plans we have for the future in our work lives and businesses, sometimes it is inspirational to look back in time too…  The mountain peak may look a long and hard distance ahead but it is enthusing to see how far you have come from base camp.

We can give ourselves a boost (and a laugh) if we do some simple things

This has been forced home for me by a current experience.  We are currently working on an interesting project which is a full office building fitout, phased floor by floor.  So often in an office revamp the ‘before’ photos never get taken in the excitement of demolition.  However in this building the old and the new are both there on different floors at the same time – and the time-warp between the old and the new is mind-blowing!

These photos were taken yesterday within 2 minutes of each other!

It is a depressing experience now to go back to the old dingy corridors with their untouched bookshelves, having been in the contrasting bright and airy spaces on the floor above.  The energy levels of staff is interesting to observe too; one guy said to me “there’s a lot of moaners work here but none on this floor any more!”.

We can give ourselves a boost (and a laugh) if we do some simple things:

  • take a look back a couple of years at some pictures of office events
  • look back at some old emails
  • drive past your old place of work
  • remember that order you worked so hard to get but wouldn’t even get out of bed for today

And next time you wonder “can we really achieve this challenge?”… just inspire yourself by how far you have already come!

Richard Byne