Did you know that the average person breathes in around 3.4 litres of air per minute?


Did you know that 1000’s of premature deaths per year were caused in the EU due to air pollution?

So, indoor air quality is an essential ingredient to the wellbeing of your staff and the health of your building. Dirty air ducts and ventilation systems can affect your business in a variety of costly ways. These can include; a drop in productivity, low employee morale, computer downtime, ruined interior decorations and high capital expenditure to replace prematurely deteriorated air conditioning systems.

Building managers have an obligation to ensure that any ductwork installations within their buildings are maintained in accordance with regulation TR/19.

To meet these regulations not only does the system need to be maintained in accordance with the regulations but needs to be installed compliantly in the first place. This means that provision is made within the system to enable routine maintenance.

It is also important to note that a ventilation system, through which the air that we breathe passes, typically has an internal surface area equivalent to 10% of the space that it serves. This puts into context the importance that should be placed on appropriately managing the hygiene within any ventilation system.

Do you want the inside of your respiratory system to look like this?


When it should look like this