A ‘Le Mans start’… just not in the usual style! As part of our 2016 team building event, randomly selected teams of three from Integra raced each other on Piaggio Apés, a three-wheeler iconic Italian van.  With a top speed of 40mph and a reputation of being Italy’s equivalent of a donkey, they may not be suitable for F1 racing but did provide plenty of laughs as our office and site staff raced together last Wednesday.

Aside from the fun, it was a very good opportunity for different departments of the company including our site engineers to interact with each other away from the office and displays our commitment to keep the team strong and together for our customers as we move ahead into 2017 in a busy and fast-changing industry.

Congratulations to ‘Team Tuffin-Griffiths’, who showed us all that they aren’t over the hill yet by winning the race with 57 laps clocked and the second fastest lap time of the event.













Josh Strachan