Did you know that 90% of all road warning signs are there because of accidents that have happened in the past?

This is just one fact Integra drivers learned when they attended the Ultimate Driver Training 6Car Control Course in Upper Heyford recently. This potentially lifesaving course was founded by former British Touring Car Champion Robb Gravett. It starkly reveals the often ignored risks of everyday driving and teaches you how to react when danger does come across your path.


Classroom Training


The Integra Driver Training Day started with a classroom session where we were reminded of the hazards in driving and introduced to tactics that reduce the chance of an accident occurring.

One startling statistic we learned is that you are ten times more likely to have an accident whilst texting and driving. This classroom discussion was a useful background given the newly increased penalty if you are caught using your phone whilst driving (now a £200 fine plus 6 points on your license, which results in an instant loss of licence for any new driver who has passed their test within the last two years).




Putting the Training Into Action


We then got behind the wheel for live training on vehicle dynamics and handling. This gave us a chance to put into practice the knowledge learned in the classroom and opened our eyes to risks we had never before considered.

During the vehicle dynamics training we learned how to react to an emergency situation at a range of speeds and how to use the ESP safety feature to keep control of the vehicle.


Driver Training 4


A Worthwhile Investment

Overall  the driving course was a real eye-opener. We as a team feel we have benefited enormously from it and would recommend it to any driver, driving on today’s increasingly crowded roads.

If you want to find out more you can visit the training provider website here: http://www.ultimatecarcontrol.com/