This month, Integra has teamed up with charitable company Jerry Bottles to promote hydration in the workforce.


Hydration Facts

Hydration Infographic

The body is 65% water and your brain is 75% so it makes sense that you need to be hydrated to function at your best.  In the UK we are not worried about hydration, we have a culture of drinking tea and coffee and somehow water gets missed out!

The everyday symptoms of dehydration impact on productivity:  not only do you have reduced alertness but the symptoms of dehydration like fatigue, tiredness and dry eyes are distracting in themselves. Hydration is overlooked by most organisations.  We spend thousands of pounds managing and training staff but then let them run around dehydrated

A Practical Way to Help


By providing staff with free stylish Jerry water bottles, not only are we improving the wellbeing of our staff but we are also helping to provide drinkable water for those not as fortunate as ourselves.

In Conclusion

Jerry 1

The mission of Jerry Bottles is:

To bring water to those that don’t have it by making it more special to those that do

Integra are proud to support such a worthy cause that donates 100% of profits to help some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world.

Why not raise awareness in your company or with your friends and family and help a good cause too?

Jon Tuffin