To give you the best possible service, we have been upgrading some of our systems and infrastructure here at Integra. With tight deadlines to hit and multiple installation teams that require constant coordination, it is vital that every team member is fully connected and equipped with the resources they need whether in the office or out and about. Here’s a quick tour of some of the systems that we rely on to help us keep your projects on track!



Fed up with trying to get hold of someone on their mobile, only to realise he is at the other side of a screen from you with a desk phone glued to his ear?! Us too. Old, multi-extension phone systems have seen their usefulness plummet as the smartphone became the default No. 1 means of communication.

Integra’s Vodafone OneNet cloud-based phone system changes all that with fully-integrated smartphone handsets, so every team member can take internal and externally-transferred calls whether they are at their desk or out of the building altogether. It even allows us to turn any call between mobiles or desk phones into a conference call, allowing fast problem-solving and decision-making with all the required persons together on the call.

Our smartphones are complemented by Plantronics Legend UC headsets so we can answer calls using voice commands even when our hands are full and continue longer conversations without risking severe neck strain!

We also utilise Skype for business so we can video call any extra expertise we need, right to your site.




Surface Pro 4’s are now the standard for Integra PCs. These powerful and flexible workhorses allow digital mark ups of drawings and hundreds of other features that help each team member to be productive and keep all the relevant information at their fingertips.




Robust and reliable Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones connected to Microsoft Office 365 keeps documents and emails in sync, allowing for smooth transitions between smartphone and PC.



With all the software security breakdowns recently, from the NHS to British Airways, you’ll be relieved to know, protecting vital information and systems has always been a key priority at Integra.

Windows ‘Hello’ protects the Surface Pro devices and keeps any unwanted people out without making Integra staff have to memorise 21-digit passwords that change every couple of weeks!

Talking about data, all our systems and communications are hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud servers and protected with the latest versions of Windows 10, Windows Defender, and Ignite so you can be certain we are reliably connected.



In today’s fast-changing world, Integra is ensuring our systems won’t let you down when you need us most.

Our new Medatech Priority ERP solution has been ordered and is due to be installed over the next few months. This will be a fully-integrated system which will enable us to deliver even better service to you when it is in place. Watch this space!

Adam Rowles